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Melvindale Police Car
Worn Out Street Signs

Support Our Police & Reduce Crime

The Melvindale Police Department has become a revolving door, where we train officers only to have them leave for other departments, wasting valuable taxpayer resources. The average police officer quits after only 22 months. Chronic short staffing, officer fatigue, low morale, uncompetitive wages and benefits, and years of neglect have taken their toll. 

Melvindale residents are feeling the effects of increased crime and longer response times. This year alone, 4 people have been shot in our city, as violent crimes, property crimes, and reckless drivers are out of control. Our motels are filled with drugs and prostitution. Basic requests from police officers such as replacing missing street signs have been ignored. 

Nicole wants to ensure our police department is competitive with other area communities so we can attract and retain police officers and fully staff our department. Nicole is against any plans to cut police staffing. Nicole will work with police officers to rebuild the police department and develop plans to focus on high crime areas, problematic motels, traffic complaints, ordinance violations, and other important public safety issues. 

Replace Failing Infrastructure

Melvindale is, literally and figuratively, falling apart. Many of our roads and alleys are in deplorable condition. Too many of our water pipes leak, driving water rates through the roof. Inadequate sewer lines have caused flooded streets and sewage backups into basements. Our parks are poorly maintained. Litter lines our roadways, and little has been done to beautify our city. Every level of infrastructure needs improvement.  

Nicole will work to rebuild our roads and replace dilapidated water and sewer lines. Nicole will immediately oversee the replacement of every missing, damaged, and faded street sign throughout the city. Melvindale Police have requested this be done in the interest of public safety, however, the current administration has failed to do so.

Nicole has a number of beautification projects in mind and will work to ensure our city shines for our residents and impresses our visitors. 

Unaffordable Water Bills

Lowering Water Bills

Melvindale's extremely high water bills are creating a hardship for our residents. Many people have shared stories with Nicole about having to choose between paying their water bill or buying groceries, or having to shower less to cut costs. These high water bills make our community less desirable for new businesses and residents to move to.

One of the reasons Melvindale water bills are so high is that the rate was assessed to include a charge to pay off water bonds. These bonds were paid off in November 2022. However, the current administration has not reassessed the billing rates and is still charging residents this extra money. This is unacceptable. Nicole will ensure that water rates are reassessed and bills are lowered.

Currently, residents are billed every three months. Nicole proposes changing this to every 2 months, to make bills more affordable. Nicole will seek out grants and work to improve water and sewer infrastructure to lower costs. 

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